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just press the buttons on it

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Q: How do you operate the switchbox 3000?
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Where is the switchbox 3000 in club penguin?

The Switchbox 3000 is at the Stage. If you press the yellow lever, somewhere on the stage, the Keeper of the Stage, a yellow puffle, will come out. You can also get a stamp for operating the Switchbox 3000.

How do you oporate the switchbox 3000 on club penguin?

to operate the switch box 3000 you have to keep playing with the buttons and everything else on it.If you to find the switch box 3000 it will be in the stage that's where i found it and how i did it i hope you can do it too!

How do you work the switchbox 3000 on club penguin?

You cant work it. Its so easy! Just click the switches on it!

Where on clubpenguin is the switchbox now?

The switchbox is removed for diffrent plays. It comes back every so often.

How do you operate the switch3000 on club penguin?

1.Go to the Plaza 2.Go to the stage 3.Click on all the buttons on the switchbox a few times until the stamp appears.

Where is the switch box 3000 on club penguin?

Go to The Plaza, then once you get there enter The Stage, you should see towards the bottom of your screen a gray box with levers and buttons on it that cause effects to happen on stage.

Where is the switchbox 30000 in club penguin?

it is in the stage which is in the plaza it will be in the bottom middle of your screen

Does 1996 8 hp mercury outboard have points?

No, it is completely electronic, consisting of a stator, trigger, switchbox and coils.

Only 3 cylinders fire out of 6 1982 115 hp mercury outboard?

You have either a faulty switchbox, or stator.

50hp mercury outboard 4-cylinder top 2 cyl not firing bottom two are?

It's your switchbox, I just did this on my 75hp 4cylinder.

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