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Is that the door that says "door is locked but seems unstable" (whatever) when tried opening it? If it is, just constantly press x on the door.. it'll eventually give in and open.....

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Q: How do you open the locked doors on the right side of the Brandon chapel in Valhalla Knights 2?
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What do you do when you get the key for Astro Knights Island?

the door that's locked

What if you didn't pull the lever in the dungeon on Astro Knights Island?

You're not locked out until you pull the lever : go back in and pull it.

How do you get in the sewer on Astro Knights Island?

There are no sewers in Arturus. The locked hatch is Mordred's secret underground lab. (see related question for the key)

What actors and actresses appeared in Pittsburgh - 2013?

The cast of Pittsburgh - 2013 includes: Brandon Crowder as Alex Tommy Korn as Brett Lisa Tran as Locked-out woman

What is a papal conclave?

The conclave is a secret, locked meeting of the cardinal electors in the Sistine Chapel to elect a new pope. All voting is done by paper ballots which are later burned after counting.

What is the private meeting of cardinals held to select the pope?

It is called a conclave from the Latin cum clave - with a key. It refers to the fact that the cardinals are locked into the Sistine Chapel until after the election.

How do you get under the hay on Astro Knights Island?

Push the two bales together, then stand on top and move to the middle of them. They should spread to reveal the locked hatch to the underground chamber.

How do you go into Mordred's hideout on Astro Knights Island?

Mordred has an underground laboratory, and the locked entrance is between the two bales of hay in the mill field. (see related question)

How do you get through the locked jail wall to the robot in poptropica also in astro knights to get the rocket fuel to get to space?

You click on the robot owl that follows you around and then click on the fuel rod then you get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Belinda-

What do you do with the key on Astro Knights Island?

It opens Mordred's secret underground hideout which is beneath the hay bales near the farm. Separate them to reach the locked hatch. (see related question)

How do you separate the hay stacks when you go inside the windmill on astro knights island?

The hay bales are OUTSIDE by the farm, and between them is the locked entrance to Mordred's underground lab. (see related question)

Where are the mill gears on Astro Knights Island?

The mill gears on Astro Knights Island are in the second-floor loft of the mill, and they are locked to prevent the windmill arms from turning. Grab the short hanging rope to unlock the gears. Go outside and turn the windmill arms counter-clockwise by climbing on them, and you will see the roof dome open.