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i dont think its possible oops forgot to sign in im vaporeon0274 (srry)

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Q: How do you move stuff around in your house on harvest moon ds cute?
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Can a house be 'cute'?

If you shape it up and put cute stuff inside then yes,the house then will be cute!

How do you ship stuff in harvest moon ds cute?

drop what you want to ship into the bin to the left of nakamuras house email the harvest moon ds cute expert at -- I promise this isn't a prank or joke! If you have any questions harvest moon related just simply email the expert!!!

Can you upgrade the house where it has an upstairs on hm ds cute?

You can never get a second story house in Harvest Moon DS Cute.

The harvest goddess appears when you throw stuff in does that mean she is back?

in harvest moon ds/ds cute when u save her she ends up in the harvest goddess pond

Who is thomas on harvest moon cute?

Thomas is the mayor of the town you live in. He also collects the stuff you have put in the box where you sell stuff.

How do you get stuff out of you backpack on harvest moon ds cute?

you drag the item to the green square and press a to trash it

What do all of the harvest sprite channels do on Harvest Moon DS Cute?

They tell you whats happening around the game

How do you meet the mermaid on harvest moon cute cute?

Befriend Daryl 250+ and then go to the basement of his house. It will be unlocked and you'll get a cutscene.

Where to buy Harvest Moon DS Cute?

You can buy Harvest Moon DS cute online or at game stop! You can get it used for around $18-$23 and new from $29-$33.

How do you cook on harvest moon ds cute?

First you have to buy the second upgrade for your house, from gotz. Then you have to but the kicten from harvest sprtie channel 2. You can unlock this buy buying things from the supermarket for 10 days straight. Then you buy the cooking supplies like pots, and stuff.

Can you stay at the inn in harvest moon ds cute?

No. You have your own house so you can never stay at the inn.

How many children can you have on harvest moon cute?

On Harvest Moon D.S. Cute you only have ONE.