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You can never get a second story house in Harvest Moon DS Cute.

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Q: Can you upgrade the house where it has an upstairs on hm ds cute?
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In harvest moon ds cute do you get the double bed atomaticaly?

no you must buy it after 2 house upgrade on the shopping channel.

How do you uprgrade your house for the first time on Harvest Moon Ds Cute?

You must own a table, then call up Gots and the house upgrade will be available.

Can you get an up stairs on Harvest Moon DS?

No. You can't get an upstairs. But if you upgrade your house to its largest size possible and get the bath and toilet you can get three basements to grow crops in. :-)

Where does rock live in harvest moon ds cute?

He lives at the Inner Inn. Upstairs. Front room.

How can you upgrade your house in Harvest Moon DS?

yes you can

How much material is needed for a house upgrade in harvest moon ds?

200 Material Stone for the first house upgrade. 700 Material Stone for the second house upgrade.

On harvest moon island of happiness for DS how do you upgrade your house?

You buy the upgrade from Gannon's shop.

How do you get a house upgrade in harvest moon ds cute?

You must have 1.Channel 2 unlocked 2.Items From the T.V. shopping thing 3.And either lots of money or lots of stone Then call up gotz and click on upgrade

How do you get the 2nd house upgrade in Harvest Moon DS?

On your telephone (at your house), ask Gotz to remodel.

On Harvest Moon DS Cute how do you unlock the kitchen?

After you have upgraded your house for the first time you need to order the kitchen on T.V shopping.If you don't have it you need to buy from Karen's shop for ten days.

How do you get the kitchen on harvest moon ds?

Get tv shopping channel, then upgrade your house.

On harvest moon ds how do you get a house upgrade?

i have my house as big as it can get, you have to call gotz the woodcutter and ask him for a house upgrade but trust me you need a lot of money for the the two upgrades! by elimac3