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To move key items or any item press the Select button then go to the spot where you want the item and press Select again and it will be their, if you want the item at the top go past the current key item at the top of the list.

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Q: How do you move key item from Pokemon fire red?
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What if key item bag is full and you need a key item on Pokemon fire red?

that's' impossible you can never run out of room for key items

How do you get the secret key in the pokemon mansion in pokemon fire red?

There is a basement lab with a bunch of scientist and wild ditto, there is an item ball with the key in it.

Where do you get the special key in Pokemon Diamond?

The Special Key is a key item in Pokemon Diamond. You can find this item in a warehouse in Veilstone City.

Why cant you release your Pokemon in emerald?

Maybe your Pokemon is holding a key item, or your Pokemon might know a hm move or your game might be messed up

How do you delete a key item in pokemon pearl?

You can't delete a key item!

What is a key item in Pokemon Black and White?

A Key Item is an item in the Key Items Pocket that you can register and use by only pressing the X button.

What key to bring out registered key item in Pokemon emerald?


How do you get the darkness key in Pokemon soul silver?

There's no item known as the Darkness Key in Pokemon. At all.

Can Key items be traded to another version where that item cannot be obtained?

No you can't trade key items. A Pokemon can't hold a key item.

Can you delete key items Pokemon fire red?

you can't delet key items in any Pokemon games.

Is the pokeradar a key item?

in pokemon diamond it is i don't know about the others

In Pokemon FireRed how do you use hidden moves?

In Pokemon Fire Red, you use Hidden Moves by opening you Bag while in a field outside of a battle, going to Key Items, press the A button on the item, TMs Bag, and then go to any Hidden Moves you want to use. Press A on it until you are to choose which Pokemon to teach it to. After you have your choice, decide which current move you wish to forget so the Pokemon can learn the Hidden Move, and you're done! The Pokemon will have known the HM that you wanted it to learn.