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Use the move cut to remove them, but not all things can be removed such as trees, boulders and fences. And not houses of course

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Q: How do you move clumps of grass in Pokemon?
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How do you move clumps of grass Pokemon Emerald?

By moving clumps of grass in pokemon emerald.

How do you move the clumps of grass to get inside in Pokemon sapphire?

firstly use cut then by using secret power (its a TM)

How do you make secret base in clumps of grass in Pokemon sapphire?

Stand at the front of the clump of grass and press A but you must have a Pokemon with you that knows the move secret power and it should ask you if you want to create a secret base there. Hope it helps :)

What is the strongest grass type move in Pokemon?

grass knot

What Pokemon grass move puts the opponent to sleep?

grass whistle

In Pokemon Pearl what Pokemon can you find with the pokeradar?

Grass will move, walk into grass but it will wear off after a while.

What are clumps of acacia in the coarse grass called?


What are the brown bumps on the California State Flag?

The large brown figure on the flag of California is a bear. The bear is walking on grass and on the grass appears to be dark green (or brown) clumps. These clumps are patches of grass.

How do you beat Wallaces Milotic?

A good Lightning pokemon or grass pokemon can get the job done. yes as the person above said a good grass and lightning pokemon will get the job done also make sure your grass or/and lightning pokemon is level 55-60 as his milotic is level 58. if u have a lighting pokemon make it sure it knows an electric move at least power 70+ same for grass pokemon electric pokemon move: discharge, thunderbolt or thunderpunch grass pokemon move: energy ball, solarbeam or leaf tornado hope this helps!

What is the most powerful grass move in Pokemon?

Frenzy Plant

When mowing grass what makes the mower throw the grass out in clumps?

The grass is either wet or thick or a combination of the two.

What is the best grass type move for all Pokemon ever?