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I have Pokemon Black, but they may be similar!

To remove the nest, you must first defeat the gym leader, who will ask oyu to meet him at the cave. He will be the one to remove the nest so that you may enter

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Q: How do you move Pokemon nest from the cave in Pokemon white?
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Where is route 4 in Pokemon white version?

Nest to route 5.

Where is Electric Cave in Pokemon Black and White?

in english, it's called charge stone cave. You reach it if you follow route 6, but if you go there before you challenge the gym, you cannot enter it because a galvantula nest is blocking it. You can enter it after beating clay, the gym leader. He will give you tm 78 bulldoze. hoped I helped you.

Where do you catch the three legendarys in Pokemon black and white?

Cobalion is in mistratlon cave go up two sets of stairs you will need the following: 1 quick ball 30 ultra balls 50 nest balls Or if you have a spare space in your party 28 heal balls 49 nest balls Or if possible 1 master ball

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