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To memorize spells in baldur's gate - I assume you are talking about the PC game - open up your spellbook. On one side, you can now see the spells you have available in your spellbook. On the other side the spells you already have memorized and those you are going to memorize are displayed. With a left-click on the spells in your spellbook you can select those spells you like to memorize. A right-click on those you already have will remove them. After adding the spells you want, you can see them, but not use them at once. They will be available for you to use after taking a rest. So either do a normal rest in the wilds or pay for a night in an inn.

In Baldur's Gate II, there are two more options available: Cast the lvl 9 spell 'wish' and select the option that your party has just rested (which is not always available). This last option is the only available resting option you can use during a fight but since you can completely reload all your available spells and daily abilities during a fight, this is the most powerful one. Nonetheless there is a way to restore your spells without resting: spell trap. This powerful spell (which is also a daily ability of the 'staff of the magi') protects you from spells up to an accumulated level and at the same time restores your own spells, so that you can cast the restored spells again without resting.

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Q: How do you memorize spells in baldur's gate?
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Intelligence determines how many spells a Wizard can learn in total. That's not the number he can memorise, which is determined by level. It's the amount of spells he can learn from scrolls. Constitution determines your Hit Points, and your resistance to poison.

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