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The key is in the sewer in the first level of the Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance.

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Q: Where is the key in the first level on baldurs gate dark alliance?
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How do you revive someone on Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2?

Pass by save point

Can you use your character from the first Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance game as the main one in the second?

No, because in the second game there are different characters from the first game's characters, and at the end of the first Baldur's Gate, they get taken away.

What is the level warp cheat for baldurs gate dark allince?

to level warp hold down L1+R2+Left+Triangle+Start. a menu should pop up which will have 3 options cancel, invincibility and level warp. To complete the game imediatly click on onyx tower 3.

What is the drizzt code for baldurs gate dark alliance?

There is a cheat code for this but, it doesn't work you have to beat the game then play the challenge on the main menu "Gaunlet" with drizzt at lvl 16 and 15 min. to complete it. To unlock him once you have completed it then you can play extreme mode with drizzt just import him from you save directory and there you go the number bad to the bones character.

Is there anywhere I can find the dialog from Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance?


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is mirage comiout as moon dark of the yes

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The Blasted Lands is a mid-level zone in the Eastern Kingdoms. The alliance have a base there. The dark portal is also located in the blasted lands. It is the portal to The Outlands.

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Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance where are the dwarven mines?

at the mine camp you must unlock it

How much dark elixir does it take to upgrade your barbarian king in Clash of Clans?

The price goes up some per level. The first upgrade is 10,000 dark elixir. By the time you reach level 40, it will be 190,000.

Can you get the Onyx Sword in Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2?

I'm afraid it's impossible to get the onyx sword in Dark Alliance II, but it can be obtained through item replacement using a PlayStation 2 gameshark. I don't know the code though.