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You have to be a member first, then during the penguin play awards, go to the stage and then go backstage. He might be there. On Halloween he's usally in the MINE (don't crowd him he'll leave srry just DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) uhh... so far he's not on the island.. Sryy penguins! U can Meet Rookie too! :) maybe th'll lighti up ur day!!!!!

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Q: How do you meet Gary on Club Penguin?
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Can you meet Gary on club penguin game day?

Well you can technicly "meet" him but you won't get the stamp

How do you be Gary on club penguin?

You can't be Gary on Club Penguin.

What is Gary's username Club Penguin?

gary's username on club penguin is Gary

In club penguin at the festival of flight where can you meet Gary?

It is impossible to meat Gary in the festival of flight.they were not telling the truth.

How do you find g in Club Penguin?

You have to be a secret agent then you will meet Gary. Hope this helps

Is it possible to meet Gary in the Festival of Flight on Club Penguin?

i'd say it was possible.....

Where is Gary on Club Penguin?

Gary really hasn't come out in Club Penguin. He's in the Elite Penguin Force game and Club Penguin secret agent missions. He might becoming for the Club Penguin Play Awards. NO GARY IS ON SUMMIT

How do you find Gary on Club Penguin?

That's easy. All you have to do is to sign in to be a secret agent and wha-la ya meet Gary!

Where is gary club penguin?

Gary is in headquarters

Does anyone have Gary's account on Club Penguin?

Gary himself does. The Club penguin base in Canada also does.

Can you be Gary on Club Penguin?


How do you meet aunt arctic on club penguin?

Aunt Artic comes to Club Penguin on very special days, just like Rockhopper, Caden, Gary and the CP Band. If you get lucky, you might meet her one day...