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you cant actually go anywhere once you do it just makes you rlly weird and you cant walk but heres what you do when the aliens invade go up to them and just stand there and stuff and they will abduct you or if you want to cause an alien invasion turn of your ds then go to the settings menu on the welcome thing and you change the time date and year then save it and go to your game and they will invade

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Q: How do you make your sim get abducted by alien on The Sims 2?
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Can you make your sim on sims 3 turn into a alien?

No, you cannot become an alien, not even be abducted by one. this may come with an EP.

How do you get an alien baby on sims 2?

You have to get a male sim abducted by aliens, by using a cheat or stargazing until he is abducted. Then he will be gone for several hours. When he returns he will be pregnant with an alien child

Why wont my alien sim get alien pregnant on sims 2?

The alien sim can't get pregant. But it can make human sims pregant, even boys, or children! But sorry an alien sim can not get pregant!

How do you met an alien on the sims 2?

Well, first, you have to find an alien. There are some in Strangetown, but you can also make alien babies via the telescope. First, get abducted. You must be a male Sim to do this. Then, go through pregnancy, and an alien will always be born.

How do you get a purebred alien sim on The Sims 2 double deluxe?

at night time, you have to have your sim "stargaze" with a telescope. if they get lucky they will be abducted and the sim will then be pregnant (given the household can hold another sim and the sim is an adult) it does not matter if your sim is male or female, they will have an alien baby either way.

Can your sim on The Sims 2 Pets have an alien baby if abducted?

Most of the time you can. Usually it's the men that get pregnant but sometimes the woman do.

Cheat for alien on sims 2?

press ctrl+shft+c and in the box type "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" Then shift click on your sims telescope. it will say force error and DEBUG-Get abducted chose the debug one. then you should get abducted. your sim will be gone for about 1 hour 30 min. sim time. there is a 50% chance your sim will return alien pregnant. hope this helps! -coocoopeace

How Can Sims Have Alien Babies in The Sims?

A sim needs to be abducted by a UFO to get pregnant with alien baby. If you type in the code: boolprop testingCheastEnabled true you can press shift and click on a telescope and be abducted. You can also press shift and click on your sim and choose toombstone L and D and get pregant with Alien. But remember to turn off code with fase instead of true when you're done, because it can cause problems.

How can you make a UFO crash on the Sims 2?

if you want the sim to be abducted you must stargaze for ages...

How can you meet aliens from the abduction on sims 2?

You can't.The only way to meet aliens to have a male sim get abducted and when he comes back,your sim will be pregnant.You won't notice it,but like female sims,in a few days you'll have a baby alien.

How can you have an alien Sim baby fast?

Make a male sim stargaze (at night of course), and there is a big chance he'll be abducted, and then returned pregnant with a human or alien baby. Good luck!

Why does your sim limp on sims 2 ds?

normally because your sim was abducted by aliens