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you cant really, you need a cheat to make an alien sim but if you want to see one abduct a sim your outta luck

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Q: How do you see an alien on sims life stories?
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The sims life stories per PS2?

The Sims life Stories is for PC and Mac and not PS2. see related link

Is there a Sims Life Stories Demo Download?

Yes there is.But i usually see them already installed on HP laptops.

How do you see a UFO in sims castaway stories PC?

A person can see a UFO in "Sims Castaway Stories" for the PC by looking through their telescope in the game. They can also be seen by visiting a crash site.

Does somebody have to die before you can get a tombstone and see a ghost on the sims life stories?

Yes someone has to die unless you move into a place that already has a gravestone

Can someone break into your house in the sims life stories?

Yes to stop them you can get an alarm system or if you see them break in call the police they are usually wearing a burglars out fit so be on the lookout

What stories can you play in sims 2 castaway stories?

There is only one storymode, and one free play mode in sims 2 castaway stories, unlike the other sims 2 stories games. When you first begin the story mode, you see two choseable characters (or the option to make one), but that doesn't mean there are two story modes.

How do you make vampires in Sims Life Stories?

Sadly, only the Sims 2 Double Deluxe and Deluxe include vampires, werewolves, genies, mummies, aliens, etc. If you really want Vampirism, Zombiism, Lycanthropy, Witchiness, Robots, etc, then you MUST buy the Double Deluxe. For the price of one game, you get THREE whole games in one pack! Also, if you want other stuff like Werewolves, Witches, Zombies, and Bigfoot, get the Sims 2 UNiversity, Sims 2 Apartment Life, Sims 2 Bonvoyage, Sims 2 Pets.Hope I helped you! :) I have found a way to turn a sim into a vampire (IDK if it works cuz i need to see what a vamp. on SLS is! BUT, you can be an alien. Either have a sim look out a telescope or just do the boolsprop cheat and either get the toumbstone of life and death (L and D) or just shift-click on your telescope and click 'get abducted'. If it's a male or female, there is a good chance it will come back alien pregnant (Yes, it CAN be a guy!) After a while, you should have an alien sim. Alien sims have black eyes (sometimes), green skin, and pointy ears (rare). Whoops, off topic. Anyways, to be a vamp, shift-click ur sim, got to more, then click 'make vampire' good?:) Jonas_girl80 :)

Will you see an alien?

you will see an alien if you try

If You have sims pet stories not sims 2 pet stories how can your sims get abducted?

on the sims 2 pets how can you get your sim abducted? um buy a telescope from the pause menu and go to skill and you will find the telescope put it outside and when it is night you can go out and use the telescope you will have to wait for a while and when you see a sign at the top of the screen it will say aliens are coming to abduct you they will get you and return you when you get back make sure to use the bathroom cause your sim will throw up.

How do you see a ghost on Sims Life Stories?

You have to kill a sim, or moove into a house where there is a gravestone. And make sure no one liked this sim so that the sim gets mad and haunts the family. If you want to get rid of the ghost, sell the tombstone in buy mode. =]

How do you get a baby alien on sims 2?

This Is The Easier WayPress Shift+Ctrl+c+You Will See The Cheat BoxThen Type In boolprop testingcheatsenabled trueThen Shift+Click Your Active Sim (While Holding Shift)Click SpawnThen Click Life And Death ( L+D)Now A Tombstone Will Appear Click That And Click Make Me Alien PregnantAnd Thatss How U Do The Cheat :)Tell Me If It Works ;)

What sim game can have kids?

Yes there are games similar to the sims 3. Well GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is sort of similar. Just Cause is game similar and like GTA. There are the Sims, and Sims 2..... On the internet-IMVU, virtual families, popmundo, many more...... Just google it and it comes up pwith many results.