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Making Video Games can be complicated and confusing, but if ur willing 2 commit, the rest is easy. Just go to and download Gamemaker. If you get the free version you can make 2-D games w/ a couple limits, but remember, many 2-D games r professional. If u get the Pro version, you can make 3-D games too! It costs more money, though. To get ya started, sprites are any image besides a backround. A background is what anything walks or moves on, but it's just an image. Rooms r what makes everything happen as well as objects. <br /><br /> As 4 how long, it can take years to make video games BY YOUR SELF. I dnt do it, but some ppl group together and make what can actually be a company, no matter how old you are. <br /> If it's an arcade game, it depends. It can take a year max to make it if it's many rooms long. If it's like Pac Man, it can take maybe a couple months. If it's as simple as one room clicking things, it would take a month or even a week.


Well there is an easier way.if u just want a normal little game or nothin special you can go on Roblox (best if u hav ur own computer,u need to download it) or challenge you(no downloading included but personally roblox is MUCH better) WARNING: these games will not be able to be put on different sites and if you think ur not ready yet to make ur own game start out with these as practice then you can do what the other person said.


From the 1st to answer to the 2nd 2 answer:

RLY?!?!?! U DELETED MY ANSWER?!?! The person could've been wnting 2 make a complicated game, so then how could they go back 2 my answer as a reference. Also, if ur making a simple game it would b simple AND more professional. It would only take about 2 days if it's simple, so wt does it matter?

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Firstly, u should install a record program, i recommend PChand Screen Capture, it could record anything on the screen and any audio you hear. even the left and right mouse clicks and mouse highlights can be recorded to be displayed in your recordings.
see the link below:
Secondly, read some tutorials on how to use this kind of program, if u choose PCHand Screen Recorder, here are some articles that could help u to discover more.
Btw, the file generated using PCHand Screen Recorder is standard AVI format, u can upload it to YouTube to share with everyone.
Hope it could help u! :)

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Q: How do you make your own video games?
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