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It is not legitimately possible to make your character naked in any Pokémon game. The only way to make your character naked is to hack a naked player Sprite into your game.

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Q: How do you make your character naked in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you find red in Pokemon FireRed?

You as the main character are Red unless you chose the Girl which would make you Green.

How can you say HI in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot make your character speak, but I'm pretty sure in greetings you can choose Hi.

How can i make my own Pokemon for FireRed thythrtdygfytrtiyrtguhhhhhhhgvurbtbugbtgbtrggtbrthtbhrthurethugrrghbgthgthgthgththbgbhjrghghgtgthgthhgjhjkhyjkhyhjttjgrtyhtrnhktbuhkybkthntkhytryhjrtjthhtjth?

You can't make your own pokemon.

How do you make an egg in Pokemon Firered?

My mom

How do you make Pokemon not shiny on FireRed?

I'm sorry, but if you have come across a shiny Pokemon and have caught it, then there is no way you can make it a normal Pokemon.

How do you make Mew listen to you in Pokemon FireRed?

how did u get mew

Can you make poke'blocks in Pokemon LeafGreen and firered?

No. Poke'mon Master

What Pokemon make eggs in Pokemon FireRed?

All except baby Pokemon and legendaries the exception being manaphy.

How On Pokemon FireRed can your starter follow you?

In fire red you can't make your starter Pokemon follow you.

How do you make a Pokemon into john cena on Pokemon firered?

You can't, if you are getting this from a video, it is a cheat/not real.

What do you do to make the scientist to move on Pokemon firered or leafgreen?

shoot him with a railgun

Where is that in Pokemon FireRed?

Please type questions that actually make sense.