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Here is the recipe for wine in Harvest Moon DS.

(This is a Cooking Pot Recipe)

(wild) Grape + Wine + Purple Grass = Wild Grape Wine

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Q: How do you make wine in Harvest moon DS?
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How do you find wine in harvest moon DS?

Their are two types of wine on Harvest Moon D.S. You can buy wine from the Supermarket (Over the phone) You can make wine with your cooking pot in you kitchen on harvest Moon. This is the recipe for wild grape wine. (Down below!) (wild) Grape + Wine + Purple Grass (Put all of those ingredients in your cooking pot.)

Can you get Harvest Moon DS on Wii?

No. Harvest Moon DS is for the DS only. There are other Harvest Moon games for the Wii.

How On harvest the moon ds lite how do you get all the money?

Their are a lot of glitches in Harvest moon DS to get lots of cash! But in harvest moon DS cute they have all been fixed! Here is how you make money, BY ACTUALLY FARMING! :)

On Harvest Moon DS can you be a girl?

no, but you can be a girl farmer in harvest moon ds cute. the two games have different stories and harvest moon ds was the inspiration for harvest moon ds cute as more girls were found to be playing the game than boys at the time of the beginning of the launch of harvest moon ds cute.

What are some fun games of Nintendo ds?

harvest moon DS cute, harvest moon island of happiness, harvest moon DS.

When did Harvest Moon DS happen?

Harvest Moon DS happened in 2005.

Are there harvest moon games for Nintendo DS?

Yes, Harvest Moon DS (boy version) and Harvest Moon DS Cute (girl version)

Harvest moon whIcH is the best?

I don't get it....the best Harvest Moon game? The best Harvest Moon game is Harvest Moon DS/Harvest Moon DS Cute ...if that's what your asking...

Who invented Harvest Moon DS?

Rising Star Released Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon DS Cute, Along with Natsome (Serious Fun :)

How do you make potato chips in harvest moon ds cute?

You cannot make Potato Chips in Harvest Moon D.S. Cute

What can you make with a pot on harvest moon ds?

You can make: Hot Milk= Milk Hot Chocolate= Milk & Chocolate Grape Wine= Grape, Wine & Purple grass Boiled Egg= Egg Hope this helps. :)

Who is Kurt from Harvest Moon DS?

There is no character named Kurt in Harvest Moon DS.