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i used a hula skirt i trimed it so it would be the correct length then tied it around the head and ut off the extras :_)

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Q: How do you make wig for your Webkinz?
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How do you make the clown wig on Webkinz?

You cannot make the clown wig in the Webkinz Kinzstyle Outlet clothing machine. You get it by buying it at the Curio Shop. The items changes every hour so there might not be one right now. You never know unless you check.

When performing a haircutting procedure on a wig the general goal is to make the wig?

It's best to make the wig look as though it is natural and not actually a wig.

Will Webkinz ever make a Webkinz meerkat?

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Do retired Webkinz still work on the computer?

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How do make a clown wig?

You can't make the clown wig, you have to buy it at Arte's Curio Shop.

How do you make a fake wig?

You can make a fake wig by attaching weft hair extensions on a stocking cap. You can either glue or sew the tracks onto the cap to make a wig.

Why don't you make a parrot Webkinz?

NO. There is no parrot webkinz!

On Webkinz what is the Webkinz studio?

The Webkinz studio is a place where you can use little puppets to make to make 2-3 minute films.

How can you make a Webkinz movie whth someone on Webkinz?

you can't make movies with anyone but you.

Can you make your normal wig into a lace front wig?

I can,you can contact me on my message board

Where do you make a webkinz movie?

You have to buy the studio first then you can make a webkinz movie. Too make a movie at home, you can get some webkinz, make a backround if you want, and film it. Its pretty easy. but yeah, on webkinz world, to make a movie you need to buy the movie studio, some movie sets, and movie characters. Then you can make a webkinz movie

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