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To get checkpoints you somtimes must walk far away, or kill the enemys in the area you should see "Checkpoint Loading" at the bottom left corner of your HUD.

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Q: How do you make halo reach checkpoints?
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Does halo have checkpoints?

The Halo franchise has checkpoints in each of their games.

How do you get to the saved games in Halo reach?

Halo doesn't use 'save games' it uses checkpoints, just select Campaign and it will return you to where you left off. Or you can replay a level.

How do you make perfect race track in halo reach?

Type in on you tube how to make halo reach race tracks

Will they make a halo 4?

yes it will be HALO reach or ODST

How do you make your own word on Halo reach?

if you are saying how do you make your own world in halo reach, use forge mode to make a map.

How do you make a halo reach racetrack?

you make a halo reach racetrack by putting alot of walls or something that a vehicle can fit on and put alot of twists and turns

Is Microsoft going to make a new halo after reach?

They say that their will be a halo 4, which is the movie.

Will you be able to make physical maps in halo reach?

i do belive there will be a forge to make maps like Halo 3 did.

How do you make your wall to disappear halo reach?

Delete it?

How do you make your guy on halo reach visible?

make him look like me!

Will 343 industries make a new halo game?

halo reach is the last halo game unless they change their minds

How do make the icon appear next to your name in Halo Reach matchmaking?

Sign into and goto your Halo Reach profile settings, it should be in there. ^^