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First, you have to own the group. To own a group you have to be bc tbc or obc. Then if you own the group you go to the button above leave group. Then you go down to ranks. Then you click the add rank button and make the new rank. (new ranks cost 20 robux)

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Q: How do you make group ranks in Roblox?
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How many ranks can a group have on Roblox?

Ten, if you count the group leader.

How do you make a group on roblox?

You have to have bc to do this! NBC members get off this thing! To create a group go on groups and click create a group but it costs 100 robux, and make name discrution ranks and recuit members! Easy!

How do you find a group rank ID on roblox?

You can find the group rank ID by opening 'Group Admin' and scrolling down to the ranks. There should be a line saying Rank.

How do you get into a group on roblox?

1.go to someones homepage find groups and click the group they are in that you wanna join 2. click it 3. click join or send group request if its number 1 you are in group if its number 2 the high ranks have to let you in! p.s.n add me in roblox i am alafoot5

How do you make a group only team on roblox?


How do you get group uniforms on roblox?

You have to make the uniforms then sell it so your group members can buy them.

How do you make relationships with other groups on roblox?

You need to be a leader of a group and click 'Group Admin'.

What type of group should you make on roblox?

Clans are the most popular.

How do you rank people in your group on roblox But if yours dont work how will it work?

In the admin panel of the group scroll down to where it says members. By a user's name there will be a drop down box to change a user's rank in the group. You can only do this if you have permission to change members ranks.

How do you you make a group place on roblox?

You don't make it, ROBLOX makes it itself, then you can build on it.

Where is the advertise group button on Roblox?

You can't , you'll have to make a group shirt with the link. On the group you want to advertise, there should be a link that says Advertise This Group.

Who are the group of exploiters on roblox?

There are actually multiple exploiter groups on Roblox, group names are usually not released because of the fear of being deleted by Roblox