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give them a flour

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Q: How do you make friends with harvest sprites in harvest moon friends of mineral town?
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How do you get more sprites in harvest moon sunshine islands?

You have to make friends with the harvest sprite of the colour you want more of. For example, if you want more purple sprites, make friends with Wisteria. You can look up things they like in the villagers screen.

How do you make someonelove you on harvest moon mineral?

On Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town, you make someone love you by giving them presents, participating in the festivals, talking to them, seeing the heart events for the bachelors or bachelorettes, and no littering.

How do you make spa-boiled eggs in harvest moon?

You need to take a regular chicken egg to the spa that's normally in the mountain and throw it in where you see an opening in it. You can only make spa boiled eggs in harvest moon back to nature, friends of mineral town, and more friends of mineral town that I know of so far.

How do you make omelette in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

Omelet: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Oil + Frying Pan :)

How do you get a miso soup in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

To make miso soup on harvest moon tree of tranquility you need seaweed and a pot!Good luck!:)

How do you make the harvest sprites heal you in harvest moon?

Well, in Harvest Moon Ds, in order to get the harvest sprites to heal you, you need to get at least one of those sprites belonging to that group. Then, you go to the sprite tree and ask the sprite at the counter for them to heal you. It will require medals, though. Hope this helps.

How do you get a stocking for the winter festival in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

before the winter festival, make sure you're friends with the old lady that only stays in her house, and give her yarn. She makes you a stocking!

How do you be a boy in harvest moon?

Most Harvest Moon games either force you to play as a boy or let you choose your gender. There are only a few games where you must play as a girl. If you have More Friends of Mineral Town, Back to Nature for Girls, Another Wonderful Life, or Harvest Moon DS Cute you are stuck playing as a girl. There are boy versions of all those games. So just make sure to get the boy version. Back to Nature, Friends of Mineral Town, A Wonderful Life, and Harvest Moon DS.

What does Carter like on Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town and whats the easiest way to make money?

Carter, Since he'a an archiologist, He likes Ores & Gems!! The best way to make money is to sell Gems & Ore.. :)

How do you get a shelf in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

if your far in the game, go to hazels shop and shell make you one

Where do you get flour in harvest moon?

Ummm... I'm going to consider you are playing friends of mineral town or more friends of mineral town. Go to the supermarket to buy some foulr. YOU CANNOT MAKE FLOUR, YOU MUST BUY IT. =[ P.S. all you guys/galls asking harvest moon questions... it helps us people answering these questions if you include the actual games name. THere are over 10 games, and they are not the same. If your playing the boy version of Harvest Moon DS, then just go to the telephone supermarket and Karen will have flour.

How do you get all harvest sprites on harvest moon ds?

In order to get all the Harvest Sprites you have to preform a large amount of different tasks. For a complete list of Harvest Sprites, visit Here you will be able to find all the Harvest Sprites listed according to team. You will also be able to find 99% of anything you would ever want to know about HM DS here, too. Hope I helped!