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make friends with zack and the fisherman.

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Q: How do you enter zacks house in harvest moon boy and girl?
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How do you get fishes in harvest moon boy and girl?

# On a SATURDAY, leave your house at like 9:50 or 10:00am. # Head to GALEN&NINA's house # DO NOT have a tool equipped when you enter their house # Enter their house at 0:00pm

How do you get a bathroom in harvest moon boy and girl?

You can't get a Bathroom in Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl. The final house upgrade is the one that gives you a second room.

How do you get a kitchen in harvest moon boy and girl for psp?

Upgrade Your House ( Last Upgrade )

Where the house of galen and Nina in harvest moon boy and girl?

There are no characters named Nina and Galen in Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl. Nina and Galen appear in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, Harvest Moon DS, and Harvest Moon DS Cute.

How to expand my house in harvest moon Boy and Girl?

you need more lumbers beside the cow and sheep coop

How do you cook a meal in Harvest moon boy and girl PSp?

You need to upgrade your house or extend it and you will have a kitchen and you can cook a meal for your self

On Harvest Moon DS can you be a girl?

no, but you can be a girl farmer in harvest moon ds cute. the two games have different stories and harvest moon ds was the inspiration for harvest moon ds cute as more girls were found to be playing the game than boys at the time of the beginning of the launch of harvest moon ds cute.

Can you get a boat in harvest moon boy and girl?

i think you can't get a boat in Harvest Moon Boy And GIrl ( not sure )

Does girl version end in harvest moon?

That depends on what Harvest Moon game you are playing. If you are playing Harvest Moon Boy & Girl, then yes the game will end after you get married.

When does a girl move in with you on harvest moon wii?

A girl will only move in with your character after they are married. Complete all the marriage requirements and propose with the Blue Feather. After the wedding she will then live in your character's house.

Harvest moon boy and girl?

Harvest moon boy and girl is a farming game and is realy fun you should play!!!!

Where or how can you get utensils in harvest moon girl and boy?

You have to check the harvest sprite shopping channel.