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make sure you have an eevee. get to max happiness by giving it masages (veilstone city) and then level up at night time and it should evolve.

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Q: How do you make evee evolve to umbreon in Pokemon dp?
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How to an see umbereon in Pokemon platinum?

You can't catch umbreon to get one have an evee have max friendship and train it while its nighttime it will evolve to umbreon.

How do you evole evee into umbreon?

You need to make Eevee love you, and then you evolve it at night.

How do you find umbreon on Pokemon platinum?

You evolve eevee at night, but make sure the evee is happy by feeding it calciums and proteins and such, and also make sure you're not around Snowpoint or Eterna.

Do you need a dusk stone to make evee evolve into Espeon or a dusk stone to evolve into umbereon?

no it doesnt work you have to give evee rare candys and soothbell at night to get umbreon and day to get espeon i think

How do you evolve Eevee to Umbreon in Pokemon Heartgold?

To make Eevee evolve into an Umbreon, you have to level it up with high happiness at night.

How do you make evee evolve to Espeon in Pokemon dp?

Evolve Eevee during the day

What is the frozen rock in pokemon black?

make evee touch it and it will evolve

Can you evolve evee into an umdreon with a dusk stone?

NO to get umbreon you make eevee super friendly and then level at night or use moon shard (not on d/p)

What is a fire stone used on?

A fire stone is used on certain Pokemon to make them evolve. The Pokemon that evolve with a fire stone are: ~Evee ~Vulpix ~Growlithe

How do you make evee evolve into umbreon in Pokemon platinum?

(: Ha!Ha! You have to make it happy by giving it iron,calcium,etc. But you can give it a Sooth bell to hold.In Veilstone City.In Resort Area you can bring it in the Ribbon place.And give it a message and massage Veilstone too!In the women's house.And you just walk around and battle people.And it will evolve on about around Lv.20 or Lv.19.And if those don't work try to search on google.Because mine evolved like that.On Lv.19.I prefer the Veilstone thing.

Can evee evolve into umbrion on Pokemon LeafGreen?

No because there is no clock in leafgreen you must trade evee to a game with an internal clock to make it evolve to evee those games are ruby, sapphire and emerald also heartgold, soulsilver, diamond, pearl and platinum.

When does Eevee evolve into Umbreon in Pokemon Heartgold?

make sure it loves you by giving it haircuts and massages and train it at night.If you do that it should evolve