How do you evole evee into umbreon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You need to make Eevee love you, and then you evolve it at night.

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Q: How do you evole evee into umbreon?
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How do you evole a Eevee into a umbreon?

eh! i want Umbreon somebody please answer! You must have an evee that has max friendship with its trainer evolve during the nighttime so this means you can only get umbreon in ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, pear, platinum, heartgold, soulsilver and the original gold, silver and crystal.

How do you evolve an eevee into an umbreon on Pokemon Gale of Darkness?

You have to wait a while after you get to pick who evee will evolve into (umbreon) You have to wait a while after you get to pick who evee will evolve into (umbreon)

Can evee involve into umbreon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No because leafgreen has no in game clock feature so to get umbreon you need to train an evee in a game that has an in game clock such as ruby or diamond then once evee has max friendship it will evolve to umbreon during the night time.

How do you get an umbreon on platinum?

evolving evee at night

Where is umbreon in soul silver?

you have to evolve evee

Can you catch an evee in Pokemon Colosseum?

No but you start with two evee forms: Umbreon and Espeon.

There are 3 rocks in Pokemon diamond what do thay do?

The ice rock is at snowpoint city the rock makes evee evole to glaceon but you have to lvl it beside the rock. The moss rock is in eterna forest it makes evee evole to leafeon lvl it beside the rock or use rare candy or you can just evole evee with leaf stone.The next rock is nothing

What level does evee evolve to umbreon?

at level 55

How do you evole Eevee?

Evee evolves 7 different ways (diamond/pearl for the other 2) so i while mention 5, Evee must be friendly to you and you must evolve it during the morning and it will become a espeon and at night umbreon, use a fire stone, water stone or thunder stone to get vaporeon, jolteon and flareon.

What is the best evee evolvtion?

Either Jolteon, Vaporeon depending if you want an attacker (Vaporeon) ir a substitute passer (Jolteon).

How do you find umbreon in platinum?

EVolve an Evee from happiness at night time.

What Pokemon evolve when they are happy?

Golbat---> Crobat Evee---> Umbreon or Espeon