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This Is My Way

1.get 500 coins out of your bank

2. go to port saram magic shop 166 eye of newts (continuelessy using draynor bank)

4.go to varrok and sell (i sell it for 10k i cud do higher but it sells quicker)

That's My Way Or...

if you are lvl 10+ id suggest u start taken chickens feathers sell at ge make 1-5k depends on how many u sell

Lastly my final one..

Sell normal wood they sell for more then oak or willow if u have higher then 60+ or 60

chop yews on a yew tree in secret locations so no one is there and they sell for 500-505 each so you would make lots of profit probly about 10-15k id sell for

Hope this helped

Add me im Queen War986 from Sophie x

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Q: How do you make easy money for non members?
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