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A possible combination for Curse of Dragon:

  • Skelgon + Yaranzo

Edit by Xtremacy: I have won it from a few of the last eight people you face in the game.

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Q: How do you make curse of dragon in Yugioh forbidden memories?
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Yu-Gi-Oh forbidden memories fushions?

Well, there is many fusion on Yugioh Forbidden Memories, but I'll try to make a list yu-gi-oh forbidden memories fusion...The best type for fusion is only Dragon type, I highly recommended you to make dragon decknote : ( < ATK both monster that must fused Less than, ATK both monster that must fused Between for info, the ATK that i mean is ORIGINAL ATTACK ) ( type 1 / type 2, type 1 is original type, type 2 is side type, that's mean although its type is sea serpent, if the side type is dragon, then you can substitute that card to become dragon type to fused up with other card )Dragon + Aqua = Spike Hydra ( ATK 1600, Sea Serpent / Dragon ) < 1600Dragon + Aqua = Kairyu-Shin ( ATK 1800, Sea Serpent / Dragon ) 1600-1799Dragon + Turtle* = Seaking Dragon ( ATK 2000, Sea Serpent / Dragon ) 1800-1999*= turtle type means the other side type, that's not official type, but I create my own type :P turtle type means turtle mosnter in that picture, ex --> Catapult Turtle, Turtle Raccoon ( turtle usually side type with Aqua or Sea Serpent )Dragon + Rock = Stone.D ( ATK 2000 / DEF 2300, Rock / Dragon ) < 2000Dragon + Thunder = Thunder Dragon ( ATK 1600, Thunder / Dragon ) < 1600Dragon + Thunder = Twin Headed Thunder Dragon ( ATK 2800, Thunder ) 1600 - 2799Dragon + Plant = B.Dragon Jungle King ( ATK 2100, Dragon ) < 2100Dragon + Fiend = Koumori Dragon / Blackland Fire Dragon ( Dragon ATK 1500 ) < 1500Dragon + Zombie = Dragon Zombie ( ATK 1600, Zombie / Dragon ) < 1600Dragon + Zombie = Skelgon ( ATK 1700, Zombie / Dragon ) 1600 - 1799Dragon + Zombie = Curse of Dragon ( ATK 2000, Dragon ) 1700-1999Red Eyes.B Dragon + Meteor Dragon = Meteor B.Dragon ( Dragon, ATK 3500 )Curse Of Dragon + Gaia The Pierce Knight = Gaia the dragon champion ( dragon, ATK 2600 )Dragon + Time Wizard = Thousand Dragon ( ATK 2400, Dragon ) < 2400Dragon + Machine = Metal Dragon ( ATK 1850, Draagon / Pyro ) < 1850Dragon + Warrior = Dragon Statue ( ATK 1100, Dragon / Warrior )

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It is against the rules of WikiAnswers website to use curse words.

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