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You have to download something (see related link below).

And it is a manual that teaches you how to use it. (see related link below)

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Q: How do you make clothing for sims 3?
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Can you make clothing in the sims 3?

You cant actually make clothing , designing clothing is about the closest you can do, but you can download stuff off websites like Mod the Sims.

How do you create clothings in Sims 3?

if you really want to make clothing, then you can find many helpful tutorials on modthesims2 dot com about making clothing and hair for the sims 2 and 3

How do you change a pregnant Sims clothes in Sims 3?

that is one of the downfalls of the sims 3, ugly maternity clothing. your sims can't change their maternity clothing.. it is unfortunate

Will clothing from sims 2 work on sims 3?


How do you give your sims wings on Sims 3?

you cant but there are clothing items on the sims 3 store for fairy wings

On Sims 3 how do you make Mermaids?

You put user created clothing on normal Sims, my favorite site to download things is modthesims just type it into Google.

How do you make a cute family in the sims 3 base game?

This depends on your personal likes, and preferences. Try adjusting the various facial sliders, or customize your Sims' clothing to make them fit your style.

Can you make your sims get tattoos on Sims 3?

You cant, at all in sims 3, but in sims 1 and 2 you can get a tattoo if you are playing on xbox, but they arnt custom tattoos with ambitions you can.go to cas and make a sim with them,go to the spa or th salon.

Is there any new clothing in the sims 3 ambitions?


How do you create custom stuff for Sims 3?

you press the clothing

How do you get rid of a downloaded clothing item on the sims 3?

When you open the sims 3, it comes up with the sims 3 launcher. Under downloads find the item click on it and select delete.

Does the Sims 3 have good clothes?

Yes. The Sims 3 has great clothing. I just bought the game and I have all the other ones and this one actually has stylish clothing. The Sims 2 and 1 would slow down the computer becasue of all the clothes but on the Sims 3 the clothes are nice so it is faster!