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Craft a bone in your inventory or a crafting table.

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Q: How do you make bonemeal in Minecraft?
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How do you make a gigantic mushroom in minecraft?


How do you make a tree grow faster in minecraft?

use bonemeal

Can you make a mushroom house in minecraft pocket edition?

There's no way to get bonemeal...

What number is bonemeal in Minecraft?

The ID # is 351.

How do you get pink dye in minecraft?

rose red dye and bonemeal

How do you make bone meal in Minecraft?

you get bones and put that bone in one crafting spot to get bonemeal (im a minecraft player since alpha)

How do you make green dye on Minecraft?

Green:Cook cactus in the furnace to produce "Cactus green".Lime green:Combine cactus green with bonemeal to get lime dye.See the related link below for the official Minecraft crafting guide.

How do you get grass seeds in Minecraft Xbox?

You cannot get grass seeds in Minecraft. However if you want to plant some along with some flowers you can use bonemeal on some dirt/grass and it will grow.

Why cant i grow a mushroom house in minecraft even though i used bonetail?

You should try bonemeal, kill a skele, put tged bones into your inventory crafting thing (or crafting table) then plant a mushroom, put the newly formed bonemeal in your hand then click on it

What does the green dye do in minecraft?

You can use it on wool, to make a block of green wool, or you can use it on a sheep to make a green sheep, who will yield blocks of green wool when killed or you use shears on it. Cactus Green dye can also be combined with Bonemeal to make Light Green dye.

What does bonemeal do on Minecraft?

It makes plants grow faster after planting. It works on wheat, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, saplings and mushrooms. You can also use bone meal as a dye.

Can bonemeal products be dangerous?

Many bonemeal products contain high, even dangerous, levels of lead.