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You cannot get grass seeds in minecraft. However if you want to plant some along with some flowers you can use bonemeal on some dirt/grass and it will grow.

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Q: How do you get grass seeds in Minecraft Xbox?
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Is there a website of Xbox 360 Minecraft seeds like the other websites for PC minecraft seeds?

No, but the Xbox 360 version is just an older version of Minecraft. You can reuse the old seeds that were on the PC, and they'll work on the Xbox.

What are some good seeds for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition?

Modded is a great minecraft xbox 360 seed and worstseedever

How to get seeds in Minecraft?

Destroying grass grants you occasionnal seeds. You can place water in plains to break grass faster.

What are some good Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds that have water?

Every Minecraft seed has water.

How do you get flax in Minecraft?

There is no flax... But you can get wheat seeds from destroying tall grass

What are some great seeds for Minecraft for the xbox?

I tried typing in this, Great Seeds, and it worked! How ironic, huh?

How do you make a minecraft pocket edition seeed?

In the minecraft pocket edition you cant get seed because in the computer version you get seeds from tall grass and there is no tall grass in the minecraft pocket edition

When you get seeds in Minecraft will you plant what you have gotten the seeds from?

if what you mean is the seeds gotten from the grass blocks those will also give wheat. other seeds have diff names

Are there strongholds in Minecraft for xbox?

xbox 360 i just like minecraft 1.6.6. and everything works seeds items anything for 1.6.6 strongholds came out in minecraft 1.8 so sadly not let in to game update said to be coming

Are the map seeds in minecraft the same on xbox360 as the PC?

No, they aren't. Minecraft for Xbox is based off of 1.6.6 of the PC version. The PC version is at 1.2.5. Biome changes have changed the seeds. You could, however, search for minecraft seeds for 1.6.6 and it would be the same.

What is the mob spawner seed for minecraft xbox 360 edition?

there are many seeds but the best one (in my opinion) is worstseedever

Where to find wheat on minecraft?

you dont find wheat on minecraft. if you want wheat you have to g around mining the grass, you can find this on any piece of dirt. the grass will drop seeds. you need to hoe some dirt and then plant some seeds. when the wheat turns brownish you can mine the wheat. enjoy