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have to use a cheat

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Q: How do you make arceus learn shadow force?
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Can Arceus learn roar of time and spacial rend?

No it can,t. roar of time is dialga's signature move and spacial rend is palkia's signature move, and only those Pokemon can learn the corresponding moves. By cheating and hacking of course you can do almost anything! If you want, you can make a magikarp that is much than all the Pokemon combined!!! I don't know if this is resolved, but yes, an Arceus can learn Spacial Rend Roar of Time and Shadow Force. The only way to get that though, is to have the special 12th movie Japanese Arceus.

What is the best plate to make Arceus hold?

i would say Draco PLate because that way he can learn Draco meteor (if ARCEUS loves you enough)

Why is arceus illegleal?

Don't think that posessing an Arceus will make you a fugitive. This only means that Arceus isn't quite an actual Pokemon.

Is arceus immortal?

arceus is jewel of life when dialga,palkia and girantina attack it change its form so that make arceus immortal

What is Arceus in Pokemon diamond?

Well, arceus is acually a pokemon, so your question doesnt make sense.

How do you get shining Arceus?

You get a arceus with cheats or you go to a Nintendo event- Then you give the arceus a plate (example- splash plate) and make it hold it. Take it away to make it normal color again. Hope that answers your question. =)

How do you make Arceus have eggs on soul silver?

I think so. I am gonna try it! I Did the arceus event and my arceus got a plate and I almost got a SHINY Giratina!!!! I KNOW IT'S AWESOME!!!

How come the Sinjoh Ruins event won't activate even with my Arceus?

make sure you have only arceus in your party. there is a PC in the hiker's house. it also has to be the event arceus from toys r us.

Will they make a shadow unleashed?

I dont think they will ever make a shadow unleashed

What is the unknown plate in Pokemon pearl?

well...its clearly unknown there no information about it but its used to make arceus into an unkown arceus. that's all i know.

How do you make sonic look like shadow on ssbb?


What passes by the sun yet does not make a shadow?

I pass before the sun, yet make no shadow. what am I?