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Change the image URL in one of the properties in the tool. The name of this property has "Gui" somewhere in it...

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Q: How do you make an icon for a tool on roblox?
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How do you make a icon file?

first make your icon in paint then save as an ordinary file (.jpg) then use the online tool , favico maker and upload your image. The online tool will make it an icon file then it gives you the option to download it

Roblox how to fix team icon in explorer?

You can not change the team object's icon in the explorer window. If the icon looks strange, try restarting Roblox. If that doesn't fix the problem there's probably nothing you can do about it other than hope the next Roblox release fixes the problem.

What is a car tool in Roblox?

a tool that helps you drive

How do you hover when you fly on roblox?

How to hover with a fly tool on Roblox depends upon which tool you are using. Many fly tools use the "H" button to toggle hover. Some tools automatically make you hover.

How do you find insert tool in roblox?

They don't have it anymore. Join the insert tool wanters on roblox to fight for it back!

How do you get to account settings on roblox?

going to my roblox, and then going to account settings under the my roblox tool bar

How do you make your chassis move in ROBLOX?

you know the move tool you have to get the chassis move tool

How do you make a working tron on roblox?

you have to have a plane tool. then you press the [y] key,and the plane takes off!

How do you add a building tool on roblox?

Put it in starter pack on roblox studio.

How do you become invisible on Roblox?

In ROBLOX, you can't turn invisible until and unless if you get a tool which turns you invisible or a giver with a tool which makes you invisible.

How do you log off of roblox?

Click the gear icon, then click Log Out.

How can you make your Total column have a red background?

highlight column, and click the fill icon in your tool bar