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Ice Cream: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Sugar + Whisk + Pot

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Q: How do you make an ice cream in harvest moon more friend of mineral town?
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How do you make friends with harvest sprites in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

give them a flour

How do you make someonelove you on harvest moon mineral?

On Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town, you make someone love you by giving them presents, participating in the festivals, talking to them, seeing the heart events for the bachelors or bachelorettes, and no littering.

How do you make a butter in harvest moon more friend of mineral town?

First go to your kitchen , then click cook. After that click mixer for tools, then click milk for ingredient. Then click, start cook.

How do you get ice cream free?

Make a friend who works for an ice cream parlor.Convince them to give you a discount.Enjoy!

How do you get a miso soup in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

To make miso soup on harvest moon tree of tranquility you need seaweed and a pot!Good luck!:)

How do you make spa-boiled eggs in harvest moon?

You need to take a regular chicken egg to the spa that's normally in the mountain and throw it in where you see an opening in it. You can only make spa boiled eggs in harvest moon back to nature, friends of mineral town, and more friends of mineral town that I know of so far.

How do you make omelette in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

Omelet: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Oil + Frying Pan :)

What is the mammoth used for in farm frenzy ice age?

The mammoth is used to make ice cream and ice for the villagers. They roll the snow with their snout to harvest.

Can you make a sentence using the word inconsiderate?

Yes. It was inconsiderate of my friend to eat all the ice cream.

How do you be a boy in harvest moon?

Most Harvest Moon games either force you to play as a boy or let you choose your gender. There are only a few games where you must play as a girl. If you have More Friends of Mineral Town, Back to Nature for Girls, Another Wonderful Life, or Harvest Moon DS Cute you are stuck playing as a girl. There are boy versions of all those games. So just make sure to get the boy version. Back to Nature, Friends of Mineral Town, A Wonderful Life, and Harvest Moon DS.

Where do you get mayonnaise maker in harvest moon more friend of mineral town?

First you must up grade your chicken coop by go to Woodcutter and then ask Gotz's to upgrade your chicken coop(click chicken coop). After chicken coop was upgraded, go to Blacksmith and then ask Saibara to make a mayonnaise maker(click mayonnaise maker).

How do you make Cliff come back in mineral town in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

If Cilff moves out of Mineral Town he will never come back. In order to keep him in town you need to get him a job. In Fall of your first year Duke will ask you to help him with his grape harvesting. Say "yes" and Duke will tell you he could use another person's help too. Talk to Cliff to invite him to help with the harvest. After it is all over Cliff will be offered a job there permentaly.