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Just find some cool items in the catalogs, get a nice and big igloo, and put the items in any way you want! And the important thing is lots of creativity!

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Q: How do you make an awesome iggy on cp?
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Do you get banded for going in anyones iggy on cp?

no u dont

How is here awesome on CP?

Since you can make friends here and on Club Penguin.

How do you turn on the confetti in your iggy in cp?

press up or down on your keyboard

In clubpenguin some person just walked in the iggy without being a buddy or the iggy open How?

This happened to me before aswell. They used a downloaded cheat engine which they can go in anyone's igloo. Remember don't download any CP cheat engine. They might have Trojan or a virus! CP penguin whityblu

Is clubpenguin awesome?

Of Course Its Awesome! I Dove That Game. If U Noticed, I Used CP Language (Dove) And Caps! Can You Guess What I Am? Yep! I'm A Prep! XD ADD ME On CP --- Hannah13011

Why do you like Club Penguin?

Cause CP is awesome! you make a penguin and can buy clothes, furniature, and puffles(pets). CP is really fun cause you get to use your imagination to create fun and new igloos and can interact with other penguins.

What do you do on Club Penguin after you follow the instructions?

Just waddle around , Play with freinds and get items and meet cp mascots and there are AWESOME partys in cp

What does lol mean in club penguin?

laugh out loud. CP is awesome 2!

How Do You Be The Most Famous Person On Club Penguin?

What: Cp Become Famouse Party When: July 19th 2011 at 3:00 Cp Time Where Monkeypie124's Member Igloo On Map Why: To Make More Penguins Famous On Cp Notes: Where Your New or Old Penguin Clothes But Make Sure THey Are Cool!Hope To see You There.... If You Can Come, friend me at the server Cold Front today the 18th at my iggy and I will hope to see ou there ... the first 20 penguins that respond will be able to come!

Is just cause 2 the best video game ever?

yes one simple word... yes. it awesome. so fun and awesome, you have to play it (it is fo cp,ps3,xbox360

How do you make a cp pass finder?

there are lots of ways to make a cp pass finder the best way to make it on visual baisic 6

How do you make cp trainer?

Due To an CP Update... Trainers, Private Servers, dont work any more (CP IS NOW AS3)