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you put wooden plank in the bottom a stick in the middle and iron at the top

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Q: How do you make a tripwire hook in Minecraft?
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How do you use a tripwire hook in minecraft?

Hold it in your hand, then right click on the side of an already placed block. In order to make a functional tripwire, you must place another hook on an adjacent block and connect them with string.

How do you make a tripwire on minecraft?

well the hook in a crafting table is wooden planks at the bottom a stick in the middle and a iron ingot in the middle and the tripwire its self is just string right-hand clicked in a surface

How do you craft tripwire?

Crafting a tripwire hook can be found here Tripwire can be placed by right clicking string

How do you make a tripwire in Minecraft?

you put wooden plank in the bottom a stick in the middle and iron at the top

How do you program tripwire in minecraft?

Just get yourself in creative get a tripwire and a string. Place 2 tripwire to a block and place the string in/near the tripwire. Then place a redstone near any tripwire to any contraption. And if someone get in the tripwire he will activate the redstone and activate any contraption you build. Or just see it in youtube

What ingredients do you need for Minecraft Pocket Edition?

String tripwire cord and Gunpowder!

How do you make a grappling hook in the Minecraft beta 1.7.3?

As of yet there is no grappling hook in the actual game, but the mod may be found in the related link.Please note that the mod is not yet updated for Minecraft 1.7.3If using Minecraft 1.6.6, the crafting instructions for the grappling hook are on the Minecraft wiki in the second related link.

How do you set up a tripwire on minecraft?

No one knows about that yet (except for Notch and his employes). The update hasn't even come out yet.

How do you make lamps that turn on at night in Minecraft?

You could hook up Redstone lamps to daylight sensors.

How do you use a tripwire hook in minecraft 19w23b?

Place two Tripwire Hooks on blocks facing each other. The distance between them has to be more than three blocks but less than eighteen blocks, then you must place string between the two hooks, filling every space between them..

When was Tripwire - company - created?

Tripwire - company - was created in 1997.

When was Tripwire Interactive created?

Tripwire Interactive was created in 2005.