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ok so go down to the water and select the tile (if you cant find it get it from the dive map) gt to connections select dive then the map you want then select the tile that makes you go from under water then place that your onto the spots where you put the water or you'll end up somewhere else your welcome

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Q: How do you make a spot where you can use dive for Pokemon ruby in advance map?
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What Pokemon can learn dive in ruby?

most water Pokemon

How do you get to sootapolis in Pokemon Ruby?

Use Dive.

What Pokemon on ruby can have the move dive?

Tentacool, Relicanth.

Where is the HM dive in Pokemon platium?

it isn't in Pokemon platinum its in ruby and Sapphire

How do you get dive in Pokemon ruby if you haven't been to Mossdeep?

You can't, You get dive from Steven in his house in Mossdeep.

Where relincath in Pokemon Ruby?

in the under water use dive

How do you hack your Pokemon ruby?

advance map

Pokemon sapphire how to get dive?

You can't unless you trade a Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald and get a Pokemon that knows Dive. The HM Dive is not necessary in Pokemon Firered and is thus not avaliable. However, a Pokemon that knows Dive can be traded from Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald version to Firered.can notI can't remember much, but I think you have to get it from Wallace or Juan.

Pokemon LeafGreen can you learn dive?

Dive is not an HM in leafgreen however some Pokemon can learn it on there own, if you want to have a Pokemon with dive have the Pokemon that you want learn dive in ruby or sapphire or emerald then have them trade you it and now you can use dive but not outside of battle because its not an HM.

Where do you get Dive from in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Dive is not an HM in leafgreen you can't get it unless you trade a Pokemon that knows Dive from ruby or sapphire or emerald but it will not work in leafgreen unless your in battle.

Where do you find dive in Pokemon Ruby?

i am rakshan.go to mossdeep city.then go to steves house.he will give you dive.

Where to find a dive ball in Pokemon Ruby?

You can get Dive Balls from the News Press guy in Solaceon Town for showing him a specific pokemon each day but they are rare. The easiest way is to transfer a pokemon from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald that is holding a Dive Ball via Pal Park.