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With this recipe:





a=air (nothing)


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Q: How do you make a sign in Minecraft?
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How do you make a glitched sign in Minecraft?

Place a sign right on top of the sign, and then destory the one behind it.

How do you label your house in minecraft?

you can put up a sign that you can make out of wood and put it at the front of your house

Where to get free Minecraft account?

you just have to sign up on the minecraft website.

How do you sign up in

You click on the register button and sign up for minecraft

How do you know when you have bought minecraft?

Click download, download it, and sign in. It will work if you successfully bought minecraft.

Can you get Minecraft on PC?

Yes, go the Minecraft website (if you have full/ bought Minecraft) and sign in. Then click on download and head to the PC download.

How do you sign in for Minecraft launcher?

when you open minecraft you enter your username and password in the username and password box. you hvae to register on the minecraft website

What sort of information is required for the Minecraft sign in?

To sign into Minecraft you will need to first register at minecrafts website and receive a username and password. Users that registered after minecraft came out of beta, will use there email accounts as there username.

Can a dispensers shoot through a sign in Minecraft?


How do you get a premium account on minecraft using VISA?

Use the VISA to sign up for paypal, then buy minecraft with that.

Why did you make Minecraft?

I didn't make Minecraft.

How do you put a sign on a minecart in minecraft?

Currently, there has been no way or glitch to put a sign on a mine cart. Also, Notch has no plans on making this possible. Maybe contact a modder to make a mod for this?