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you get honey and bitterbug and combine them, then add rare steak

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Q: How do you make a power juice in monster hunter freedom?
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Where do you get demon drug in monster hunter freedom?

power pill + immunizer

How do you get power pill in monster hunter freedom unite the game?

To get a power pill use a immunizer, and power seed.

On monster hunter freedom unite where can you find demondrug?

You can get it by combining a Catalyst and a Power Seed.

In Monster Hunter Freedom 2 how do you get power seed?

the granny has some of it. you can get some on the desert. you can plant some on your farm so you won't run out of it.

Demondrugs in monster hunter freedom unite?

Combine Power Seed and Catalyst to get Demondrug Combine Demondrug and Pale Extract to get mega Demondrug hope this helps

How do you get Demondrug on Monster Hunter Freedom 2?

u mixed demondrug and pale extract u have to have to alchemy skill

Were can you get a power seed monster hunter freedom?

the granny peddler sells some. it's very common on desert gathering spots. after you got some you can plant some on your farm just so you won't run out of it.

How do you get more blood out of a monster hunter freedom unite monster?

By using a stronger weapon with more sharpness, power, and the monsters weakness. If your fighting a basarios or gravios destroy its shell for its heart, when hitting this, there will be more blood, most monsters are like this. Destroy part of they bodies which can be the head, wings, tails, chest, or legs.

What is the strongest weapon in monster hunter tri?

The weapon with the most raw power is the Seismic Gigas Hammer. It is upgraded from a Bone Hammer.

When was Power of the Hunter created?

Power of the Hunter was created in 1982-06.

Where can you buy monster energy power bracelet at?

Where can u buy monster energy bracelet

Why did marti call the US the monster?

He called it "the Monster", because he feared the power of the Nation.