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to make a nest is easyer than easy. Ok heres what you got to do look at the arrows on the screen falow the light brown arrow for twigs and people say its not true but ive don it hundereds of times before you CAN make nests in trees on fly like a bird 3. Just make shure that the twigs are placed on branches not leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got that but you can make nests enyware els you want to ;) i jsut say rees becuase its harder for poopers to poop on you in all the tangles of branches its safer there. Ok once you have lost of twigs in the nest and a egg pops up on the screen corner spacebar to lay it. You can sit on it or eat and grave twigs at the same time quickly. I suggest making your nest close to another nest becuase that peson passing by worms your egg wile your getting twigs and food. Once the egg hatches make shure to find twigs and food but mosly food twigs are just to keep it worm. Click spacebar to feed the bird once its grownup and leaves the nest youll see a bird of your kind with noname fly away thats your bird. It makes me want to cry watching them leave the nest waahahahaaaaa!!!! *snifles* but never mind all that i hope this helped and lissen to this.

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Q: How do you make a nest in fly like a bird 3?
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To make a nest in fly like a bird 3 android you must click on the yellow arrow in the game and activate the option.

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First, you make a nest. Then, when an egg picture appears on the upper left corner of your screen, you press the space bar while you are on your nest and an egg appears.

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take twigs and space bar to start it

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