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press space on the nest

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Q: How do you hatch an egg in fly like a bird 3?
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Do eggs hatch in fly like a bird 3?


How do you make a egg on fly like a bird 3?

First, you make a nest. Then, when an egg picture appears on the upper left corner of your screen, you press the space bar while you are on your nest and an egg appears.

How do you make your egg hatch in fly like a bird 3?

Everyone said stuff about this except it was "when it hatches there is no chick you get extra life". Now that has changed! When it hatches a chick comes out and you keep feeding it when it is hungry. To feed press space if there is a bird icon on the mini map. If you feed it enough it will grow up. Return to your nest and the adult chick will fly away. THEN you get an extra life. Sometimes someone else's chick grows up and you still get a life... it's weird!

How do you hatch an egg in Pokemon FireRed?

Well to hatch an egg you need to travel around with it until it hatches, but there are faster ways to hatch one. You can battle trainers witch makes the egg hatch faster. I recomend catching a slugma in mt ember and putting it next to your egg in your party then going to celadon and going down cycling road, at the end of cycling road fly back up to celadon and repeat. Each trip takes about 20 seconds and you only have to do it about 9 times. Hope this helped.walk and walk and walk with ur bike then it will say that the egg is hatching..and 1more thing the egg must be in ur party..

How do you be noname in fly like a bird 3?

Copy this __ then go to the part in fly like a bird where you type the name press Ctrl and V and it should appear. Now if you go into a room you will be a noname

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Bird life span?

egg hatch baby grow adult fly deaf

How do you make your egg hatch on fly like a bird 3?

just sit there and stay for like 5 mins or so and voila u have a extra life!

Do eggs hatch in fly like a bird 3?


Do you have a 3d bird game that is cold fly like a bird how to make a egg?


How many twigs do you need to lay an egg on fly like a bird 3?


What are eggs for in fly like a bird 3?

to get more points with. P.S whoever said TO SHOOT BIRDS AT can go get killed by a bird egg.

How do you hatch an egg on fly like a bird 3?

If you have successfully raised a chick to flight stage there are a few steps that can insure a successful release. The steps are not about teaching the bird to fly

How do you fly to the moon on fly like a bird 3?

I dont think you can fly to the moon on fly like a bird 3 but people say you can on fly like a bird 2.

What are some games similar to fly like a bird 3?

fly like a bird 1 and fly like a bird 2

What is the humming bird life cycle?

The life cycle of a humming bird is..... -Starts as egg -becomes small bird -stays in nest 3 weeks -starts to learn how to fly -Begins to pollinate the flowers -Lays eggs -humming bird dies after 5 years -eggs hatch process starts again....

What do you do when you've laid an egg in fly like a bird 3?

Before, the egg would hatch and that would be it... Now, the egg hatches into a chick. It will immediately start begging and you will have to press spacebar to feed it. You're poo-o-meter determines how much food you can feed. Once the chick has been fed enough times, it will eventually leave to fend for itself.

When was Fly Like a Bird created?

Fly Like a Bird was created on 2006-03-13.