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On the crafting table, put sticks on the left and right sides, and one in the very middle.

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To make a ladder you need sticks.

On the crafting table it should look like this

Sticks Nothing Sticks

Sticks Sticks Sticks

Sticks Nothing Sticks

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Q: How do you make a ladder in mine-craft?
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How do you make a ladder in Minecraft PE?


How do you make a ladder in servival minecraft pe?

Servival server

How do you build a ladder in minecraft?

Make a full size letter H in the crafting table using sticks.

How do you craft a ladder on Minecraft?

You craft a ladder in Minecraft by filling the Crafting Table grid full of sticks except for the top middle and bottom middle slots.

How do you go down a ladder in minecraft?

All you have to do is go to the ladder, then press nothing, and your character will go down.

How do you place a ladder in Minecraft?

Whit the latter selected you right click on a block that a ladder can be placed on. To get more information on ladders look on the Minecraft wiki which has a link in the related links section!

How do you get to the walls in Minecraft?

make the walls up to two bloks then stand on them to do the rest unitl it's night time or your done. or u can make a ladder up to the walls and u made a castle.

How do you make a ladder on minecraft?

you need 7 sticks so in your nine squares (on a workbench) you do three stick down both sides and one in the middle and there you have it LADDERS thx for reading =)

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You use the book to mine faster under water, and you can use an anvil to put that on a pickaxe. Also, it is faster on a ladder and would otherwise make you mine slower

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