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All you have to do is go to the ladder, then press nothing, and your character will go down.

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Q: How do you go down a ladder in minecraft?
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How do you make a ladder in Minecraft PE?


How do you craft a ladder on Minecraft?

You craft a ladder in Minecraft by filling the Crafting Table grid full of sticks except for the top middle and bottom middle slots.

How do you leave the monastery on poptropica cryptids?

Go to where you entered there is a ladder go down it

How do you get iron tail in Pokemon emerald?

It is in Meteor Falls.Surf up the waterfall go through the cave entrance.Go down the first ladder go south till u see steps and go down the ladder its on your left.

How do you go down a latter in cod 5 on Wii?

for me all i have to do is walk over to the ladder turn so i am going backwards down the ladder and then my guy just starts walking down.

How do you place a ladder in Minecraft?

Whit the latter selected you right click on a block that a ladder can be placed on. To get more information on ladders look on the Minecraft wiki which has a link in the related links section!

What word starting with f is an antonym of ladder?

Try "Floor" ! A ladder is something to go up and down, a floor is level on the ground.

How many blocks do I go down on pc to go to find diamonds in minecraft?

You can go down how ever many blocks you want to find diamonds on Minecraft. Minecaft is a well known game.

How do you get to the monk in the bottom of whirl islands in Pokemon HeartGold okemon HeartGold?

use flash then go down a ladder look around for another ladder going down and that's it

What place is Port Adelaide on the football ladder?

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How do you get to the 3 part in bludrut keeps in aqworlds?

you go down the ladder from the secondfloor

How do you make a ladder in servival minecraft pe?

Servival server