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I had that problem once but the thing is you can't make one you have to a dudgeon and loot a saddle.

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Q: How do you make a horse saddle in minecraft?
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How do you put armor on a horse in Minecraft PC?

press on the horse with a right click then you can put on armor and saddle on a horse

How do you put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft?

tame it by right clicking on a empty space in the inventory it takes a few trys to get the horse

How do I steer on a horse on Minecraft?

You need to have a saddle on it. Then, you will be able to steer it as you steer your player.

How do you tame horses in minecraft?

you need lots of wheat and a horse. put the horse in a shack or a hut or things like that. each day, feed the horse wheat. when he is a adult, make a saddle and right click on the horse's back. right click on the saddle to get on. w a s d to move the horse. (you can actually control horses. it is not like pigs)

How you make a saddle minecraft 1.7.4?

Three leather

Is there a horse in minecraft pocket edition creative mode?

yes and you can saddle it through training it with apples

How do you dismount a horse in Minecraft?

You can't. There are no horses in Minecraft. However, you can ride pigs if you have a saddle. Saddles can only be found in chests in monster dungeons (those small caves with a monster spawner). When you have the saddle, just put it on the pig and right click it, and you'll get on it.

What button do you much to ride a horse minecraft?

First, you must place a saddle on it and the horse must be tamed. Then, right click on the horse and left shift to dismount.

How do you ride a horse in Minecraft computer edition?

To ride a horse, click it. It will buck you off multiple times. Keep trying until you see hearts emit from the horse's head. Then, grab a saddle and right click the horse. This should open a horse inventory. Place the saddle in the saddle spot, and armor if desired.

How do you make minecraft saddle bag?

make a chest and put it on the horse there are no horses unless you get a texture pack which you download off the internet :> Edit: As of update 1.6.1, horses spawn naturally in the wild. However, only donkeys and mules can be equiped with saddle bags.

How do you put horse armor on a horse in minecraft?

If you go into sneak mode (hold left shift) and right click on the horse, you will open its inventory so you can equip it with horse armour and a saddle.

Why can't i make a saddle in Minecraft 1.6.6?

You can't MAKE a saddle on Minecraft you have to find it in either a dungeon or in a chest next to a monster spawner :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- what the last person wrote isnt true i think hes talking aboult the horse update,the answer might be that it didnt update yet. because here (See related Link) if u scroll down it shows u how to make horse sattle i also had the same problum but i THINK its beacuse it dint up date or is gliched....