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ex. /time set (time) ex. /time set day or /time set night

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Q: How do you make a command that will make it a different time in minecraft?
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What command do you use to make it day on minecraft?

/Time set 0

How do you make it nighttime in minecraft?

There is no way to command the daylight to come at night. You can, however, craft a bed and sleep in it. This will make it daylight in a few seconds.

What is the command to make it day or night on minecraft?

The command is: /time set day or /time set night. You can also use numbers (ex. /time set 15000, /time set 0, /time set 10000, etc.).

What is the command in Minecraft to change time?

It is /time set [time] Replace [time] with: 0 for Day 14000 for Night

How do you make a time machine in minecraft?

There is no time machine in minecraft. The "Time Machine" is a nickname for the Minecraft Launcher, the startup of the game. You can access old versions of Minecraft.

How do you make it daytime in minecraft in creative mode?

Place a bed and right click on it to sleepIf cheats are enabled press 't' and type the command /time set day

When in Minecraft how do you make it say username-here is now away from keyboard?

The command to do this is /me is away from keyboard or /me is afk in vanilla Minecraft. You'd need a mod or Bukkit server with plugins to do so automatically if someone is away for a certain amount of time.

How do you change day to night in Minecraft creative?

If you mean Minecraft Classic, this is not possible. Minecraft classic is only meant for building, not survival. If you want to have survival, you'd have to buy the full version. To change day to night in Minecraft premium (full), as of 1.3 the command prompt was added to single-player so issue the command /time set night.

What is the cheat for night vision in Minecraft?

The command is: /effect [player name] 16 [time duration] [level of potion]

How do you make a minecraft server a single player?

Why would you make a minecraft server to play on it urself? It wastes RAM and time.

How do you get faction pow with a command in minecraft?

I don't think you can. All you have to do is not die and play for a long time on the server that you want to get the faction power on.

How do you change time on minecraft PC?

to change from day to night in minecraft without mods you have to wait until the sun goes down. to get from night to day you can right click a bed to sleep.