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Once you have completed the radio transmitter and boat resue, just make a bunglo and if you look at your plans, it's in there

hope that helps xD

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Q: How do you make a chicken coop in Sims 2 Castaway PSP?
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How do you catch chickens in sims 2 castaway for psp?

Well, first you make a Chicken Trap... then, when you catch one, the plans will unlock to make a coop..

How do you harvest and egg on sims 2 castaway?

Make a chicken trap and trap a chicken but don't cook it. Then make a chicken coop and place it down somewhere. Interact with the chicken coop and it'll let you put the chicken on the chicken coop. Do that and then interact with the chicken on the coop. Serenade the chicken. Then after you serenade it, interact with it again. It will let you collect an egg. Ta-Da! You got yourself a nice, fresh egg.

How do you set a chicken trap on sims 2 castaway?

you have to find feathers on the ground and select make chicken trap

How do you build a 2nd workbench on sims castaway?

On Sims Castaway to Make another Work U can Use Hard Wood

How do you make sims nude on sims castaway for PC?

Use a mod!

Can sims make out on sims2 castaway for ps2?


How prepare a feast on sims castaway 2?

you need to get 3 ham 3 chicken and 3 tiger shark and make it into a group feast

How do you make sims nude in sims cast away for ps2?

You cannot make a sim nude in Sims Castaway.

What is the different between the sims 2 castaway and the sims 2 castaway stories?

You can get married, have a baby, kiss, have sex, be a couple, have kids, and so much more. in sims 2 castaway you get married and you do a romantic hug. i havnt played the sims 2 castaway stories, but i know its really good. Oh and you can make a family. Basically you can do everyting in sims castaway like in castaway stories . hOPE I hELPED :]

How do you get sims pregnant on sims castaway?

You cant, however you can on Sims Castaway life stories, when 2 sims of opposite gender are lying in bed, (given your reputation is high enough) select "Make a baby".

Can you make babies on sims 2 castaway for the ps2?

no you cant

Where can you sew on sims 2 castaway?

you have to make the sewing kit