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Q: How do you make a bot for Guitar Hero 3 for wii?
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How do you get the bot for Guitar Hero 3 on wii?

if you mean metalhead the robot you buy him. hes like 1000 bucks

Is Guitar Hero for Wii?

There is a Guitar Hero for Wii, but it isn't exclusive to Wii.

Does a playstation 3 guitar from Guitar Hero work for the Wii?

No, not for Guitar Hero (Wii) nor Rock Band (Wii).

What tracks are on Guitar Hero Wii?

It depends. There are lots of Guitar Hero Wii games

On guitar hero metallica for the wii can you make characters?


Will the wireless guitar for the wii from guitar hero 4 work on Guitar Hero 3 for the wii?

Yes, It should.

Will the wii Guitar Hero 4 controller be compatible with the wii versions of Guitar Hero aerosmith and Guitar Hero 3?

yes it will for both

Can the original paul guitar controller work on the wii Guitar Hero hero smith?

If it's the guitar FOR the wii, then yes

Does the Wii Guitar Hero guitar and drum set work with the new Wii Band Hero?

Yes it will work Band Hero is the same brand of Guitar Hero.

Will the Guitar Hero guitar for the Wii work with RockBand for the Wii or do I need to purchase a separate guitar?

The Guitar Hero guitar will work RockBand for the Wii, but may not work for Beatles: Rock Band.

Can you make custom songs in Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii?


Guitar Hero on Wii?

Guitar Hero 3 and newer, yes.