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X being whatever youre making it out of, cow, iron, gold, diamond

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Q: How do you make a armor shirts in minecraft?
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Can you make gravity armor in Minecraft?


How do you make armor on roblox?

you can unless you make it in shirts or pants.

How to make horse armor on Minecraft?

You cannot make horse armor in Minecraft. Instead, you need to find it in dungeon chests.

How do you make invincible armor in minecraft?

no you can't

Is under armor a under shirt?

Under Armor is a brand name. They make things from shirts to underwear to shoes to backpacks. You can use the shirts as undershirts or regular shirts, but I wouldn't suggest using them as over-shirts.

Where can I purchase Minecraft shirts online?

You can buy Minecraft shirts online at the official Minecraft store, located at They have a wide selection of unique t-shirts that would be sure to make an excellent birthday gift for a Minecraft fan.

Does wearing under armor shirts make your pines smaller?

No they do not

How do you fill the bar for armor in minecraft pe?

Just put more armor on. It fills higher the more protective the armor. Here is the armor bar amounts:Full Leather Armor: 3.5 shirtsFull Gold Armor: 5.5 shirtsFull Iron Armor: 7.5 shirtsFull Diamond Armor: 10 shirts (max)

Can you make armor in minecraft pocket edition iPad?

Yes you should be able to. Check that your minecraft pe is version 0.6.0 or 0.6.1 If it is either of those then you can make armor and use it

What can you make armor out of in Minecraft?

iron diamond gold and leather

How do you make a zombie in minecraft with leather armor?

There is no way to make zombies wear leather armor, but sometimes zombies can naturally spawn already wearing the armor.

What armor can you make in Minecraft?

Helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots.