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You need the following:

  • Lava
  • Water
  • A diamond pick axe
  • Flint and steel
  1. Either find some naturally occurring obsidian, or pour water onto a lava pool with a bucket to create obsidian, then mine it with a diamond pickax. You need 10 blocks of obsidian to make the portal.
  2. Create a square frame 4 blocks wide by 5 blocks tall using the obsidian. The corners do not need to be obsidian for it to work.
  3. Set the inside of the frame on fire, preferably using a flint and steel.

If the inside of the frame turns purple, then you have a Nether portal! Stand in the purple portal block for several seconds and you will be transported to the Nether (unless it's disabled on a multiplayer server). Portals in the Nether will return you to the Overworld.

You can see more information in the Sources and related links section, below.

By the way rarely when you go back you come out somewhere random.

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Q: How do you make a Nether Portal in Minecraft?
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