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you basically keep finding him (hes usually near water) until he eventually gets there. That other guy who tries to find you will say to you that he is near the mountains. Then he will be at cerulean cave. After that, you can get misty's pokegear number around sunset

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Q: How do you make Suicune appear on route 14?
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Where is Suicune after route 14?

After route 14 he will go to his final location: Route 25. But! If you kill him in route 25, he will re-appear after you beat Red.

Where does Suicune appear on route 14?

If I remember right, suicune is on the right hand side floating on the water. Ofcoarse you can't actually get to him but once you see him, there will be a short clip of suicune running away from you again

Where is Suicune after the route to mahagany town?

suicune apears at the port in vermillon city and later at route 14 and at last go to route 25 and catch suicune

Where is Suicune on route14 in HeartGold?

suicune is on the right side somewhere on route 14. after encountering suicune there, if you met misty at the end of route 25, you'll find suicune there and you can battle it.

Where is Suicune on route 14?

In the grass but Suicune moves a lot so you will not always find it there.

Where can you get Suicune in Pokemon soulsilver?

To get Suicune first you will see it north of Cianwood City, then you will see it outside the entrance to Mt.Mortar in Route 42. After that you will see it in Vermillion City, then route 14. Only after Misty has returned to her gym you will fight Suicune on Route 25 outside of Bill's House.

Where is swincoon on soul silver?

You first find suicune at cianwood city. Then at Vermilion city. then at rout 14. you fight suicune at route 25

Where on route 14 is Suicune in Pokemon heartgold?

you go to the ocean/sea (next or in between rout 14 & 15)then you'll see suicune. it'll then run up the water. then a man will come and challenge you to find suicune the fastest.

Where can you catch Suicune?

In Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver you can catch Suicune in Route 25 however if you have knocked it out during battle then you can defeat Lance and then Suicune can be found for future battles in the Burned Tower however Suicune cannot be found in Route 25 until you have released it from the Burned Tower and then you have encountered it in Cianwood City, in Route 42 which is the outside entrance of Mt. Mortar, in Vermilion City and then in Route 14.

Why is Suicune in Pokemon soul silver not there when i get off the ship and at route 14 i saw misty and i beat and her i went to go see Suicune and he was not there?

go by lavandar town

Where do you battle sucine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Battle Suicune Outside Bill's House in Route 25. But First you have to chase Suicune At:North Of Cianwood City,Entrance Of Mt.Mortar in Route 42,Then Kanto In Vermillion City soon after you arrive,Then Route 14 And Lastly Route 25.

Where can you find Suicune on Pokemon SoulSilver?

first in burned tower than in Cianwood than route 42 route 14 and finally route 25 where able to catch it