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there is a plugin for blender that allows you to make props
another free alternative is to use XSi Mod Tool which is a free version of the professional package with templates of HL weapons

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Q: How do you make Gmod weapons models?
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What program can you use to make Gmod player models and rag dolls?

If you want to make models for gmod look at XSI Mod Tool.

How do you use unlockable tf2 weapons in Gmod?

download them from

How do you pick up a weapon on Gmod?

That's a very good question. Thing is I'm not sure how. All the weapons are automatically given to you when you start up Gmod. You can hold all the weapons basically.

Do you need to be on the game you bought with Gmod on to play Gmod?

No, you do not need to be on the game you bought with Gmod to play it although you do need to have the game installed to run gmod and i also recommend having the game Half-Life 2 installed to get most of the textures and weapons and npcs and props that go along with it.

You have tf2 and you want Gmod do you need cs?

No, you do not need counter-strike to play gmod. I don't even have counter strike but i do have gmod. A word of warning though, a lot of the materials and weapons in counter strike are used in garrysmod. Mostly in mods, and maps. It is recommended to have it.

How do you get CSS materials and models legally for Gmod?

BUY CSS ON STEAM OR ON A DISC and then go on to extensions and click CSS

Can you get left 4 dead models in gmod?

no not yet they should release an update in Garries Mod that will allow you to download it for 10.99

How do you make an OC pony in Gmod?

For an in-depth guide on making OC pony visit -

How do you use a Garrys Mod picture to make a Gmod background?


Can you play gmod on the PS3?

No. Gmod is only for PC

Can you get Gmod for the xbox 360?

no. gmod is only for the pc.

I downloaded Gmod 9.0.4 and when i try to play on servers it says that i don't have the right version of Gmod to play it but the server is on Gmod 9.0.4 help?

You need to download Gmod 9.0.4c when you start there will be 3 choose unmark the Gmod 9.0.4b and your set to go and play gmod 9 online.