How do you make Dialga like you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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spend time with it........and when that doesnt work, level it up a few time with a soothe bell

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Q: How do you make Dialga like you?
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What do you give Dialga to make him evolve?

you cannot make dialga or palkia evolve

What Pokemon make a Dialga?

I don't think Dialga can be hatched from an egg. You can find Dialga at Spear Pillar though.

Can you leave Ditto and Dialga in daycare to make an egg?

No, Dialga is unable to breed.

Does Dialga like Palkia?


Is it possibe to make a legendary egg on soul silver?

no you can not if else you had like 10 dialga or something it is just not possible

Where do you find a Dialga egg in Pokemon soul silver?

Dialga's can's make eggs, not even with a ditto.

What is Dialga's special ability?

Dialga's special ability is Pressure. This ability increases the PP usage of the opponent's moves when they target Dialga in battle.

When you got to Dialga the people are there and it wont let me battle Dialga?

This means you probably need to battle them. It does work, and you will soon get Dialga, Palkia or Giratina, depending what game you use. When you have got there just make sure your Pokemon are in good shape and battle the hooligans Then you can battle Dialga

Is it possible to make eggs with Dialga and another Pokemon?

its impossible

Who would win Dialga or Palkia?

man you was so wrong dialga got hit about what 1 time palkia got hit like 9 dialga didnt avoid a single thing palkia man and the thing is cant dialga a go to a different place like space and come back like giratina in newest movie from behind so i will say draw

Where is dialga in pokemoncrater?

dialga is in the cave dialga is in the cave

What two Pokemon make a Dialga egg?

You cant breed legendarys