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Dialga is not in that Pokemon Emerald. Back when that game was made, Dialga didn't exist.

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Q: How do you get Dialga in Pokemon Emerald?
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Why Palkia and Dialga codes cannot be used in Pokemon Emerald?

because palkia and dialga weren't around that early of pokemon emerald. they are newer then emerald

What is Palkia and Dialga codes for Pokemon emerald?

F1e3h25e 6fc4f0d5

How do you find Dialga and Palkia in emerald?

You can't get Dialga and Palkia in Emerald.

How do you get dialiga in Pokemon emerald?

Uhhhh, you can't. Dialga is only available in 4th generation games. Its impossible to get it in 1st 2nd or 3rd generation games, such as emerald

Can somebody teach me how to download dialga and Palkia in Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald?

It's impossible as far as I know.

What is the best starting team in Pokemon Emerald?

arceus,dialga,palkia,rayquaza,groudon,and kyogre ha ha just kidding

Dialga in Pokemon Pearl?

no, dialga is in pokemon diamond. PALKIA is the one in pokemon pearl

In Pokemon Pearl where do you find Dialga?

you do not find dialga in Pokemon pearl

How can you get a Dialga in Pokemon emerald?

It is impossible. Unless you somehow trade, which you can't, you will need a gameshark. If you can manage to get the code, which I'm not sure even exists.

Where do you get Dialga in Pokemon deluge?

we find dialga in map 3 in Pokemon deluge...

How do you get the legendary Pokemon Dialga from Pokemon White?

You can't catch Dialga in Pokemon White. After you beat the the Elite 4, you can use the PokeTransfer to receive a Dialga from Pokemon Diamond, or Platnium.

Pokemon diamond how do you fuse Dialga?

fuse dialga? well i caught him but i dont know how to FUSE dialga!