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walk out of the daycare take 2 steps down then get on match bike and go left all the way until you stop then go right and keep doing. that. my 30 year old grew 67 levels and all i did was go back and fourth 6 times

I completely do not believe that, but i have not yet tried it. I put my finneon in, saved, then shut of my ds, turned it back on and changed the date to a few days in the future, then restarted my ds, loaded up the game and my finneon's level had gone up. XD woot, but please, do try the first answer!!! It may work!!!!

actually none work but the first won i did it six times and my lvl 50 lugia went up one but its exp was pretty high and im sure it doesnt work cause with that lugia was a lvl 30 um togepis evolvation and the second one i put it in and went 89 YEARS in the future and NOTHING happened then i tried days to see if u kno and NOTHING happened i just do stuff but i beat all the gyms and i fail the Pokemon league because of my weak Pokemon so ill lvl them in daycare too and that's y i found this question

also you can get on your bike outside the day care center and then just keep going up and down through goldenrod, i did that 50 times and my Pokemon has gone up 29 levels already

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Q: How do you lvl up Pokemon fast in daycare?
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What happens if when a pokemon is supposed to evolve ut it is in daycare?

Well in daycare it won't evovle or learn new moves if it already has 4 moves. and to evovle just take it out of daycare and lvl it up and it will evovle

On Pokemon emerald my magikrap got lvl. 20 in a Pokemon Day care. How will it become a Gyarados now Reply to Answer By How Many. I already did by 1 lvl.?

You need to make it level up again outside of daycare.

On Pokemon diamond is ther for your Pokemon in a daycare to grow quickly?

there is a daycare, but it's not fast at all; every daycare gives 1 exp for every step you take. that's why you keep biking around to get eggs and to level up daycare pokemon. If you want to level up quickly, look up EV training and do that. When you EV train, leveling up will come with it

How fast do Pokemon lvl up with a poke walker?

it depends how fast you walk or how long.If your Pokemon needs 762 exp walk 762 steps. et

How fast does a Pokemon level up in daycare in LeafGreen version?

for every step u take it gives like 2xp

Is their a quick way to get Pokemon to go up levels faster on Pokemon pearl?

action replay quick level code and you can leave it in the day care but beware it learns all the moves it learns as it levels up so get your Pokemon uo to about lvl 50 then put it in the day care+add a year onto your calendar and the Pokemon in the daycare will be lvl 100 hope this works!

Pokemon emerald gameshark codes level up Pokemon in the daycare?

There are probably some game-shark codes that do level your Pokemon up FASTER in the daycare. If your Pokemon is in the daycare it will gain EXP. with every step you take.

I left my Pokemon at the day-care how can I check up on it's exp and stuff?

there is a poketech app that shows you what lvl your poke is at the daycare. not sure where to get it. look on a poketech app walkthrough

How do you level up Pokemon fast in Pokemon HeartGold?

take it to a Pokemon daycare after you beat bugsy and learn the move cut or get alot of rare candies or battle tons of trainers

Pokemon soul silver how do i lvl up fast because i cant beat lance and my team is typhlosion lvl 50 lugia lvl 50 red gyrados lvl 44 others lvl 40 and below?

Try using rare candies on your Pokemon or keep battling the Elite 4 people to lvl up your Pokemon. Put your weakest Pokemon in front of your party, then switch it out with a stronger one once you find someone to battle, so your strong Pokemon and your weaker Pokemon both get exp points. Theres not much you could do but keep trying and find new ways to lvl up. You could go to some place with REALLY strong Pokemon, like Mt Mortar, maybe, and keep battling Pokemon until you lvl up stronger. Probably the quickest way to lvl up Pokemon is to use rare candies, but you need to find those, and that takes some time.

What do you do to make Pokemon in the daycare center grow fast in Pokemon emerald?

Before putting a Pokemon into the daycare check its EXP in the summary ( example :: A Pokemon has 200 exp to get to the next level you would have to take 200 steps for it to level up.) I suggest getting on your bike and cycling up and down the cycling road for a while.

How do you lvl up fast in Pokemon black?

fight tabunne/audino in the moving grass. they give MASSIVE amounts of exp.